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 The Video Modeling and Video Self-Modeling Wiki


This WIKI was developed to support the Video Modeling and Video Self-Modeling training that was presented by the VDOE T-TAC's in the fall of 2009. The training was conducted to share the evidence that validates this as an evidenced-based practice and to teach participants how to take video, edit, and use the video. The purpose of this WIKI is to assist educators with research and information for effective implementation of this evidence-based practice.  


Participants in this training completed pre-, post- and a 3-month follow-up survey to demonstrate retention of knowledge gained from this training.  Participants also completed a survey that provided the trainers with information on how they utilized the materials and skills learned within their own practice.  A summary of the training results can be found by clicking on this link - 2009-2010 VM_VSM Training Final Summary.pdf.


The National Professional Development Center provides a Video Modeling brief that is an overview, Step by step implementation. checklist for fidentliy and a full list of the research.  The Autism Internet Modules also will be providing an upcoming module on Video Modeling that will help train staff on this evidenced based practice.


For samples and to view recent videos created in 2014, by Regions 2 and 3 CoLA, please click the following link:



Below are links to pages of information and resources on the evidence-based practice of Video Modeling and Video Self-Modeling.


Research  - Links to research articles on video modeling and video self-modeling


Tutorials - Links to documents and tutorials on how to work with video


Samples - Links to video model and video self-model samples


Products - Links to companies that sell memberships and/or products related to Video Modeling


Apps - Links to applications related to video modeling that are available for the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch

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